Board Games Evolution With ARMIS

I get it, chess is classic and original and mind-blowing whatsoever, you can actually go on ranting about how great it is for the rest of your life. However, modern people like you and me, love to innovate things to come up with something better. Chess has been around forever and it’s time for, let’s just say, a makeover. Introducing Armis, another strategy board game with an almost infinite number of winning probabilities than any other board game on the planet. Actually, it’s like a mash-up of Chess, Checker, Risk and Stratego.There are 18 pieces in the game namely: President, Vice President, Army, Aircraft Carrier, Submarine, Jet, Helicopter, Coast Guard, Reserve, Religion, Media, Child, Diplomat, Nuke and 2 Marines. Yes, you read me right, there is a Child on the game. These pieces have their respective duties and moves, and you have to move them accordingly to capture the opponent’s flag. A Vice President can take out a Diplomat but not a Nuke, a Diplomat can take out a Nuke but not a Reserve, a Nuke can take a Reserve, and this kind of rule goes on with the rest of the pieces. It’s really gonna rock your mind. Some of the pieces are dependent on others to be able to move, and there are also others whose lives are dependent on other pieces. The Submarine for example cannot move if a Mover does not take it to the coastal waters.The game also has special conditions. In the event of the President’s assassination for instance, the vice president can take over. Should there be no Vice President to take over, the flag is immobilized. If you capture your opponent’s Child, you will lose your Diplomat and Religion, and if your Reserve is next to the Flag during an attack, the Reserve will be sacrificed. There are more special conditions other than the ones mentioned which makes the game a lot more complicated than it already is.Aside from the game’s composition of 18 different pieces with individual capabilities, another thing that makes this game wildly crazy is that you get to set up the pieces (with the exception of the flag and the reserves) on the board the way you want them to be, giving you literally millions of ways to win and lose. Imagine? You’ll never get to experience the monotony of other board games with Armis. I actually played the game and I’d be honest with you, I enjoyed it a lot but it gave me a headache.

Are You Searching For A New Backgammon Board Game?

For many decades, the board game Backgammon has been a popular game indeed. It is absolutely fun to enjoy this game of skill and logic with family and friends. Some people like to play every now and then while others enjoy playing on a daily basis as well as when entertaining larger numbers of people as well. If you are in the market to buy a new set for your home use, you will have plenty of different options to choose from.Affordable OptionsIf you are considering purchasing a game, budget may inevitably be a factor to consider. If budget is your main guiding force, you will find that you can find an affordable board game Backgammon both online and in local retail stores. When cost is a factor, often shopping online gives you the better ability to comparison shop for price while still finding the best set for you. Often, local retail stores have a very limited selection available, so your wallet is at the mercy of the selection available.Collector EditionsWhen you shop online, you can often find some truly beautiful board game Backgammon options that are collectors’ items. These may be themed sets, or they may be masterfully crafted sets that are made of stone, wood, or other high-end materials. If you are looking for a wonderful set that you will have for years to come, often the collectors’ edition models are the prime options to consider. These can be pricier in nature as well as harder to locate, so again shopping online is generally your best bet.Carrying CasesOne thing you want to consider as you shop around for your new board game Backgammon is a carrying case. If you buy a cheaper option, it may just come in a traditional cardboard box. If you get a better quality set, you will have a nice leather bound or wood carrying case, or another material of a durable and attractive nature. Often, the case doubles as the board game itself, which makes it incredibly convenient to use and to transport to the homes of friends and family for even more fun times.Finding the Right OneAs you are shopping around and trying to find the right board game Backgammon for your needs, you will want to make an effort to nail down what you want out of your set. Whether you are looking for quality over cost or cost over quality is among the initial considerations. However, you will also want to consider finding a themed set, a collectors’ set, or some other unique set, too. Often, local stores have a very limited selection available, so shopping online is your best bet regardless of what you are specifically looking for. With the right set, you will have the perfect game for you to play with family and friends. So take time to go online today and look around at the different sets that are available. You will easily find a wonderful set for your needs.

Board Games Based on Performance

With the huge popularity that exists nowadays with video games that can offer great music and graphics along with an interactive storyline, pressure is placed on traditional board games to keep the attention of the players as well as these games with controllers might provide. Games like Guitar Hero, which test not only the hand-eye coordination of players, but their musical skill, will often give players a world to escape into that makes time fly with the level of concentration that they give. Other games, like Dance Dance Revolution, give players something physical to compete with and this keeps all players active, holding their attention.Board games are starting to get the message and are re-inventing themselves in ways that are designed to get players up and moving around, performing actions. This stops players from merely sitting around a table, using their intellects to win a game. Now, players are forced to use other skills as well in a variety of ways. This stimulation, both mental and physical, is good for anyone trying to enjoy themselves with a friendly competitive game and, as the popularity of these performance-based board games grow, more and more games will surely be moving in this direction.The American Idol board game is one of these games that will test players in more ways than just a simple race around the board. Based on the hit television show where contestants compete against each other by singing various songs, this show is a competition determined to discover who the best singer out of the group is. The board game works much on the same level, having all of the players race around a board to collect points and move on to the finalist area. When two people reach the finalist area, they will each sing along to a song to determine who is the stronger singer and the winner of the game. While this game isn’t overly challenging, it gives players the chance to do something more than race around the board.Stepping it up, however, the American Idol All-Star Challenge DVD game makes players work a little harder. Made by the same people who make the Scene It game, this game uses a DVD to help players complete the tasks and sing the songs they need to sing in order to compete. This game is all-around more inclusive, having players not only sing, but perform dance routines to earn performance stars, by which the game is judged. While points are not always rewarded on who actually sung the best, the game does allow people to actually get up and do something, making them work for the prize.Other games also have heavy elements of performance involved. Cranium uses a number of factors during its competition, not simply trivia and knowledge. Players of this game could be forced to either draw or sculpt a clue out of clay or perhaps to make a performance for their team to guess. These performances can work like charades, where they have to silently act out a clue. They can take the form of a celebrity impersonation or even a musical clue, where they have to hum a song to make others guess it!